Professor Dr. Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Khan
Professor Dr. Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Khan
Professor and Chairman
B.Sc. in Animal Husbandry, MS in Biochemistry (BAU), PhD in Animal Nutrition (Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

Publication Profile:
  • M. R. Chowdhury M. M. H. Khan S. U. Mahfuz M. A. Baset. Effects of dietary supplementation of spices on forage degradability, ruminal fermentation, in vivo digestibility, growth performance and nitrogen balance in Black Bengal goat, Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, 2018. A. Kafi, M.N. Uddin, M.J. Uddin, M.M.H. Khan, M.E. Haque. Effect of Dietary Supplementation of Turmeric (Curcuma longa), Ginger (Zingiber officinale) and their Combination as Feed Additives on Feed Intake, Growth Performance and Economics of Broiler. International Journal of Poultry Science, 16(7):257-265, 2017. M N Hossain, M M Mia, M A Baset and M M H Khan. Effect of different feeds on in vitro methane emission from crossbred dairy cow. Journal of the Sylhet Agricultural University, 3(2):159-172, 2016. K.M.S. Reza, M.M.H. Khan. Prospectus of Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant in Lafarge Surma Cement Ltd. International Journal of Science and Research 5 (10): 90-92, 2016. S.U. Mahfuz, M.R. Chowdhury, M.M.H. Khan, M.A. Baset. In vitro study of phosphorus supplementation (sodium orthophosphate, NaH2PO4.2H2O) on degradability and fermentation of rice straw, 9(6):170-176, 2016. M.M.H. Khan, A.S. Chaudhry. Influence of different spices on bacterial profiles with or without rice straw. Journal of the Sylhet Agricultural University, 3(1):139-147, 2016. M.M.H. Khan, A.S. Chaudhry. Influence of different types and amounts of spices on their in vitro degradability, fermentation, gas and methane production. Journal of the Sylhet Agricultural University, 3(1):129-138, 2016. M.J. Uddin, Z.H., Khandaker, M.J. Khan, M.M.H.Khan. Dynamics of microbial protein synthesis in the rumen –A review. Annals of Veterinary and Animal Science. 2(5), 2015. A., Ara, M.J. Uddin, S. Saha, M.H. Khan, M.A Baset,. Intervention of Fruit Juice in Yoghurt Preparation. Isesco Journal of Science and Technology, 11 (19): 30-35, 2015. M.R. Islam, M.N. Uddin, M.R.Akanda, M.M.H.Khan, M.A.Baset S.A. Belal. Effect of Milk Urea Nitrogen of Dairy Cows in Relation to Breed. Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science 5(2), 279-283. 2015. S.U. Mahfuz, M.R. Chowdhury, M. M. H. Khan, A. Baset. Effect of Triple Super Phosphate Supplementation on Degradability of Rice Straw and Ammonia Nitrogen Concentration, Small Ruminant Research 120(1), 15-19, 2014. M. N. Uddin, S. A. Belal, M. R. Akanda, S.U. Mahfuz, M.M.H. Khan, A. Baset. Nutritional status of black bengal goat in government goat development farm, Sylhet, Annals of Veterinary and Animal Science, 96-104, 2014. R.N. Akhand, S. Ahmed, A. Bhowmik, B. Rokeya, M.M.H. Khan, M.R Chowdhury. Ethanolic extract of Terminalia chebula fresh fruits exerts hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects in streptozotocin induced type 2 diabetic model rats. Journal of Sylhet Agricultural University. 1 (1): 133-139, 2014. M. N. Ud
Undergraduate Courses:
  • Chemistry (Theory)
  • Chemistry (Practical)
  • Chemistry of Biomolecules
  • Biochemistry
  • Metabolism and Human Nutrition
  • Metabolism, Nutrition and Bioenergetics
Masters Courses:
  • Advanced chemistry of Carbohydrates and Lipids
  • Molecular Biology
  • Principles of Biochemical Techniques
  • Plant Secondary Metabolites
  • Intermediary Metabolism and its Regulation
  • Animal Biochemistry
  • Human Nutrition
  • Fish Biochemistry
  • Scientific report writing and data analysis