Dr. Sohel Mian
Dr. Sohel Mian
Associate Professor
B.Sc. Fisheries (Honors); MS in Fisheries Biology & Genetics (BAU); PhD (UMT)

Sohel Mian was born in 1981, in Tangail, Bangladesh. He completed his Bachelor degree in Fisheries Science from Bangladesh Agricultural University in 2003. Later on, he did his Master of Science in Fisheries Biology and Genetics from the same University. He obtained his doctor of philosophy from University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT). He has published several works on fish biodiversity, fish nutrition and biology of important freshwater fish species. His research interests focus on phospholipid nutrition, fish breeding and stock improvement. He takes courses on Ichthyology, Biodiversity and Fisheries Systematics, Fish Breeding, Genetics and Stock Improvement, Embryology of Fishes etc.