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Faculty Fisheries Aquaculture Faculty Members Dr. Md. Shahab Uddin (PRL)

Dr. Md. Shahab Uddin (PRL)


B. Sc. Fisheries Hons. (BAU), M.Sc (BAU), PhD (UPM, Malaysia)


Dept. of Aquaculture


Prof. Dr. Md. Shahab Uddin is a well-known teacher, researcher and a communicator of Bangladesh serving in the field of fisheries science from the last 37 years. He has completed his Bachelor of Science in Fisheries (Hons.) and Master of Science in Fisheries Biology and Limnology from Bangladesh Agricultural University in the year of 1981 & 1983. In 2002, he has successfully completed Ph.D. from Universiti Putra Malaysia. Mr. Uddin started his carrier as an Extension officer at the Department of Fisheries (DoF), Bangladesh in 1983 and then in 1984, he moved to Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI) as a scientific officer. During his tenure at BFRI, he has developed different culture techniques of fish including polyculture of carps with low-cost vegetative diets, integrated aquaculture of fish and chick farming, fish and duck farming and carp nursing technology. Upon his tremendous performances at BFRI, in 1988 he has promoted to Senior Scientific Officer and later promoted to Principal Scientific Officer in 2004 and subsequently promoted to Chief Scientific Officer in 2008. Then, in 2012, Mr. Uddin switched to teaching and joined as a professor at the Department of Aquaculture in Sylhet Agricultural University and served as the Dean of the fisheries faculty. Mr. Uddin researches focus on the freshwater and marine aquaculture, integrated aquaculture and biodiversity conservation, women's participation in aquaculture and eco-friendly natural resource management and so on. He has published a good number of peer-reviewed articles in different national and international journals. He has supervised a couple of a number of MSc students and guided for better carrier and future prospects. Mr. Uddin also acted as a Head of Program Self-Assessment Committee (PSAC) of faculty of fisheries under the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) at Sylhet Agricultural University. Currently, he is working as a senior professor at the Department of Aquaculture in Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh.