About Vice-Chancellor

Biography of Md. Golam Shahi Alam 

Professor Md. Golam Shahi Alam gained a first class DVM degree from the Bangladesh Agricultural University (
BAU), Mymensingh in 1974 followed, in 1975, by an MSc (Vet Sc.) in Medicine at BAU under the supervision of Professor Abdur Rahman. In 1981 he went to Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala for attending the 14th FAO/SIDA International Postgraduate Course in Animal Reproduction and after successful completion he becomes the Fellow Royal Veterinary College, Sweden (FRVCS). In 1985 he obtained PhD after successfully defending his work on Stress and Fertility in Cows at the University of Liverpool, England under the supervision of Emeritus Professor Hilary Dobson. In 1991 Professor Alam went to Royal Veterinary College, University of London for Post-Doctoral study with Professor David Noakes. Dr. Alam also worked as visiting research fellow at the National Institute of Animal Industry, Tsukuba; Nagoya and Iwate Universities, Japan in 1998, 2002 and 2011, respectively. Before joining the Sylhet Agricultural University as Vice-Chancellor in September 2014, he worked as an academic staff of the Department of Surgery & Obstetrics, Faculty of Veterinary Science, BAU, Mymensingh since 1977 with particular interests in research and teaching of reproduction and health.  

At the BAU Professor Alam has served on a variety of committees including as Coordinator, Committee for Advanced Studies & Research for 2 years, Chairman, Security Committee for 4 years, Member, BAU Research system (BAURES) and Conveners, Dean & Provost Councils. He was Head of Department of Surgery & Obstetrics for 4 years and Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Science, BAU for 2 years. Professor Alam was the founder Provost of Bangabandhu Shaikh Muzib Hall and Dormitory Super of Nuclear Scientist Dr. Wazed Mia PhD Dormitory. Professor Alam acted as one of the members of the Syndicate of BAU and Jatio Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trisal, Mymensingh. He has been working as a member of the Regent Body of the Jessore University of Science & Technology since 2013.  

Professor Alam was active in promoting teaching and research in the area of Animal Reproduction & Health. He also established the courses of Veterinary Reproduction for both undergraduate & postgraduate veterinary students. Externally he is one of the members of the Bangabandhu Fellowship programmee of the Ministry of Science & ICT. He is now a member of the editorial advisory board of the journal of BAURES and also acted as the Editor of the journal “The Bangladesh Veterinarian”.

Alam supervises several MS & PhD students........ and through their hard work (!) have co-authored > 70 scientific papers. The BAAS-USDA recently awarded a grant to one of his students, Ms. Azizunnesa (Rekha), to enable him to further his research in semen preservation & AI in indigenous rams to speed up of genetic improvement of economic traits particularly meat production. He has completed 10 research projects funded by various national and international donor agencies and generated four technologies as (i) Vessel Delivery of Veterinary Health Care Services in island char areas of Bangladesh (ii) Cryopreservation technique of goats’ semen (iii) Urea-Molasses–Mineral-Block (UMMB) supplementation for better pregnancy rate and higher milk yield in cows and (iv) Determination of progesterone using radioimmunoassay (RIA) technique in body fluids (milk & blood plasma) for early pregnancy confirmation in cows.

Alam's main research interests are in the general area of ruminant reproduction. His PhD work led to the development of cortisol assay using RIA Technique for monitoring various stress conditions interrupting fertility in dairy cows. Work at Liverpool, England led to the discovery of endocrine dysfunction particularly absence of oestradiol positive feedback in the hypothlamo-pituitary axis in cystic ovarian cows and was followed by investigations into the control of ovulution, ovarian function and the pregnancy. At the BAU his research into the underlying causes of poor fertility in cattle has continued.

Other current interests centre on the interactions between reproduction and nutrition in ruminants, which has relevance to farm animals’ production, health and fertility.

Funding currently comes from the BAURES, KGF, MoST, IAEA, IFS, BARC and BAAS-USDA. This supports a dynamic group of research assistants, MS and PhD students at the BAU, SAU, CVASU & HDSTU and who benefit from extensive collaborations with colleagues at other institutes in Bangladesh and overseas.  He is the author of two books and published about 100 scientific papers in different peer reviewed journals. In addition, there are few popular articles published by the news papers and magazines. Professor Alam traveled widely to United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Singapore, Japan, Egypt and Liberia.   

Professor Md. Golam Shahi Alam was born in Jessore, son of late Md. Golam Kibria, Retired Deputy Superintendent of Police, and Mrs. Anowara Begum, HMM Road, Loan Office Para, Jessore. His granddad late Md. Golam Rahman was the Deputy Director (Eastern Range), Civil Veterinary Department, Dhaka. Dr. Alam married to Satara Alam, blessed with a daughter and a son.