Professor Dr. Md. Tariqul Alam Dean

At the present Dean of the Faculty of fisheries, I consider it a very auspicious event to get web page of this faculty. So as you browse our new web site, we hope you will discover new information, ideas, and inspiration. Scrolling through these pages you will learn about our degree and education programs, our departments, and our cutting-edge research centers. You will have the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the faculty. Fisheries sector has a significance contribution in the economy of Bangladesh and the Fisheries Faculty by its geomorphological location becomes the indispensable body in the north-eastern part of our country. The Faculty of Fisheries is one of the tertiary institutions in Bangladesh, which accomplish the comprehensive education and researches in these fields. The Faculty possesses six Departments namely; Aquaculture, Fisheries Biology and Genetics, Fisheries Technology and Quality Control, Aquatic Resource Management, Fish Health Management, Coastal and Marine Fisheries. The department faces a number of challenges in the foreseeable future as the faculty established recently. Our success during the past year was a result of hard work on the part of dedicated faculty, staff, students, colleagues, and friends. I look forward to work with the students and staff members and will continue to welcome them on behalf of the Faculty of Fisheries.