Dept. of Farm Power and Machinery


The Department of Farm Power and Machinery (FPM) started functioning from the 8th April 2008, with the objective of applying modern engineering knowledge to increase agricultural productivity, improve product quality and minimize losses through utilization of machine tools and power sources. Design, development and adoption of equipments, processes and systems suitable for the country concerning agricultural production and its management are also in the purview of this department's courses. The departmental courses are expanded to the fields of renewable energy, bioresearch systems and environmental impact assessment.


The Department offers courses for the degree of B.Sc. Agricultural Engineering (Major in Farm Power and Machinery) and MS in Farm Power and Machinery. It is one of the major Departments among five Departments under the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology. The Department has a big workshop complex comprising a number of laboratories, workshops and other instructional and research facilities under the guidance of highly qualified teachers educated in the country and abroad. The undergraduate courses include basic subjects in design, operation and maintenance of farm machinery, agricultural product processing, refrigeration and air conditioning, rural electrification, post-harvest technology, engineering administration and management. In addition to these basic subjects practical on workshop technology, thermodynamics, engineering mechanics and electrical engineering are the parts of the curriculum. The MS program is based on course and research work. This Department has facilities for testing and standardization of tractors, power tillers and other agricultural machineries. The teachers of the Department are actively engaged in individual and coordinated research and development works having linkages with national, international and donor agencies/organizations.


Laboratory Facilities:                                                                                        

The Department of Farm Power and Machinery maintains the laboratory and workshop facilities for its undergraduate, postgraduate, teaching, research, testing, training and service programs. The Department has the following laboratories: Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering, Tractor testing laboratory, Engine testing laboratory, Tractor and Automotive Shop, Agricultural Machinery laboratory, Welding Shop, Machining & Fitting Shop, Foundry Shop, Carpentry Shop, Blacksmith Shop, Electrical Engineering Laboratory, Thermodynamics & Heat Engine Laboratory, and Agricultural Process Engineering Lab.


Career Opportunities: 

The Agricultural Engineering graduates from major in Farm Power and Machinery (FPM) by virtue of their acquired knowledge and qualification are serving at various public and private sectors and NGOs inside and outside of the country. They are making a substantial contribution towards nation building activities. The various organizations where the graduates are working with reputation are: Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI),Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA),Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC), Rural Electrification Board (REB),  Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), Palli Biddut Samity (PBS), Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), Barind Multipurpose Development Authority (BMDA), Technical School and College (TSC former VTI), Sylhet Agricultural University (BAU), Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation (BSFIC), Bangladesh Sugarcane Research Institute (BSRI), Rural Development Academic (RDA), Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB), Agrani Bank and other Commercial Banks , Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Non-Governmental Organizations such as BRAC, PROSHIKA, RDRS others, Tea Estates, and Private Agri-business institutions.