Dept. of Agricultural Construction and Environmental Engineering

Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (AET) consist of five departments, Department of Agricultural Construction & Environmental Engineering (ACEE) is one of them. This department was established at 2011 as the name of Farm Structure to facilitate the activities of the faculty. Then the name of the department has changed to Agricultural Construction & Environmental Engineering at 2015. Development of eco-friendly and sustainable technology is the core task of Agricultural Engineering. This department was started the journey to mitigate the up to date agricultural construction with environmental issues. Now a day, the frequently development of latest technologies as well as their uses are sharply increased. So, it is essential to develop agricultural infrastructure to ensure successful application and extension of these technology. All the teachers and students of this department are strongly involved to the research of agricultural related construction and environmental aspects to mitigate the challenges of food security at 21st century. The department also works with Low cost housing, Rural road networking, bridge and culvert, Irrigation and hydraulic structure, Storage structure, Infrastructure of integrated farming, Water pollution and treatment, Water supply and sanitation, Modeling on waste management etc.

This department has a glorious scope to contribute in the agricultural production and environmental safety both in local and national level.