Mr. Md. Nazmul Alom Tipu
Mr. Md. Nazmul Alom Tipu
Assistant Professor
BSS (Hons), MPA in Public Policy (JU)

Mr. Tipu was born in Sunamgonj district in 1989. He received his Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) in Public Administration from Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka Bangladesh. He also completed his Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Public Policy from Jahangirnagar University. After completing his honors degree Mr. Tipu appointed as Research Assistant in the Department of Public Administration at Jahangirnagar University in the HEQEP project funded by World Bank. He worked there for one year. In the mean time he also engaged with several development project of World Bank operated by Bangladesh Bank, IMED (Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Division), IPAG (Institute of Policy, Advocacy and Governance) etc. He also involved with several cultural and welfare organization in the University and played role as a leading member. He joined in Sylhet Agricultural University as a Lecturer in 2017. He attended several training, workshop program organized by Ministry Planning, Graduate Training Institute (GTI), Sylhet Agricultural University, Jahangirnagar University etc. His research interests are Politics, Governance, Local Government, Local Governance, Gender, Democracy, Decentralization, and Rural Development.

Publication Profile:
  • Number of publications : 02
  • Peer-reviewed journal articles : 02
Peer Reviewed Selected Articles:
  • Tipu, M.N.A. (2018). Women’s Participation in Decision Making Process of Local Government in Bangladesh: A Study of Nine Union Parishads. Asian Research Journal of Arts & Social Sciences, 5(4), pp.1-12.
  • Tipu, M.N.A., and Rahman, M.S (2015) “Problems of Women’s Participation in Decision Making Process: A study on Nine Union Parishads”, The Jahangirnagar Review, Part II: Social Sciences, Vol. XXXVI, 2012, Printed in June 2015, ISSN 1682-422, Page No. 201-2013.
Research Interests:
  • Local government
  • Gender
  • Governance in Democracy
  • Political Democracy
  • Local governance
  • Democracy
  • Corruption
  • Administration
  • ICT based services for rural people
  • Rural Development
Undergraduate Courses:
  • State and Government (ARD-113) - Sylhet Agricultural University
  • Public Administration and History of Bangladesh (ARD-123) - Sylhet Agricultural University
Academic Degrees and Qualification:
  • M.P.A. 05/2013 -- 05/2015 Jahangirnagar University
  • B.S.S. (Hon's) 04/2009 -- 05/2013 Jahangirnagar University
Other Social and Cultural Organization Involvement:
  • General Secretary, Lecturer and Assistant Professor Society (LAPS), SAU, Sylhet
  • Adviser, Lubdhok Theater, SAU, Sylhet