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Faculty Fisheries Aquaculture Faculty Members Dr. Md. Tawheed Hasan

Dr. Md. Tawheed Hasan


BSc Fisheries & MS in Aquaculture (BAU, Bangladesh); PhD in Fish Immunonutrition (PKNU, Korea); Post-Doc in Probiotics for Fish Immunonutrition (PKNU & DEU, Korea)

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Dept. of Aquaculture


Dr. Md. Tawheed Hasan completed BSc. Fisheries (Hons.) and MS in Aquaculture degrees from Bangladesh Agricultural University. Then he secured PhD from Pukyong National University, Busan, Republic of Korea. He has experience in different biotechnological approaches as well as their implementation in the field of aquaculture. Dr. Hasan characterized some novel prebiotics, probiotics, and synbiotics and their dietary effects on fish growth, cellular and humoral immunity, cytokine genes transcription, microbiome, digestive enzymes, serum and mucus biochemistry, and infectious disease resistance were also quantified. His prime research interest is the immunonutrition of commercially important fish and shellfish, to ensure antibiotics and aquatic drugs-free eco-friendly aquaculture. Moreover, research on the immunomodulation of aquatic organisms due to the impacts of global warming, ocean acidification, environmental toxicants, and parasitic infestation is also a concerning issue. He already published more than 50 research articles (domestic and international) with a book chapter, attended different international conferences, worked on some research projects, and achieved some awards. Currently, he is involved in post-doctoral research at Dong-Eui University, Korea through the "Brain Pool Scholarship" in a project entitled "Probiotics and Fish Immunonutrition". He is experienced in teaching Fish Farm Design and Construction, Aquaculture Nutrition, and Aquaculture Impact at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, supervised post-graduate students' research as well as is involved in some research projects. As an associate professor and researcher, his intentions are to produce world-class fisheries graduates and ensure aquaculture food safety and security all over the world (including Bangladesh), respectively.