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Faculty Fisheries Aquaculture Faculty Members Dr. Muhammad Anamul Kabir

Dr. Muhammad Anamul Kabir

Associate Professor

Postdoc-UMK, PhD-USM. MSc-WUR, The Netherland

Research interests: Aquaculture Nutrition, Feed and Food Security


Dept. of Aquaculture


I have been involving in teaching & research on aquaculture for last 20 years. I am now well experienced and have strong background on the mechanism of nutrients for fish feed innovation to verify the growth and health performance of catfish, tilapia, snakehead and shrimp in captivity. I had worked at various international organizations (FAO-UN, USAID, Worldfish center) in the field of Aquaculture nutrition & feed, fish disease & genetics and public health. I have had a great deal of aquaculture nutrition & feed laboratory experiences in related to aquaculture feed industry, both indoor and outdoor during MSc, PhD and Postdoctoral research in home and abroad. By knowing this piece of scientific skills, I had a tremendous success and unlocked several mysterious events that happened during fish feed development of aquaculture feed industry. As a postdoctoral fellow, the exciting things were that I successfully implemented my acquired knowledge for the innovation of IP-Trademark patent “SOY GROWTH BOOSTER” for aquaculture feed industry. Moreover, I published more than 30 scientific articles in national and international index journal. Presently my research plan, I would like to implement my experiences and knowledge to demonstrate the ability in aquaculture & mariculture R&D and to guide professional development for the study of exploring the new candidate of aquaculture nutrition and public health related fish food innovation from the aquatic resources of freshwater and marine-water habitat plant and animal sources for nutritional security and public health benefit.