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Faculty Fisheries Aquaculture Faculty Members Dr. Md. Tariqul Alam

Dr. Md. Tariqul Alam


PhD in Fishery Science


Dept. of Aquaculture


Dr. Md. Tariqul Alam has worked about twenty-eight years in the fisheries sector under different national and international organizations. He has started his service life from 1993. During his service life, he has worked under ODA (Overseas Development Administration), CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency), Department of statistics, Bangladesh, Department of Fisheries (DoF), Bangladesh, and Sylhet Agricultural University. Dr. Alam has given service to DoF from 1998 to 2012 in the capacity of Thana Fisheries Officer (currently Upazila Fisheries Officer), Senior Upazila Fisheries Officer and District Fisheries Officer (in charge). At that tenure of service, Dr. Alam became a divisional trainer of the DoF and conducted numerous training as trainer to disseminate aquaculture and water management technologies including legislation and policies. to aquafarmers, fishers, school and college teachers, NGO employees, officers and staffs of the department including district and divisional officers. He has gained a long time experiences on diversified sections related to fisheries through serving as a teacher, researcher, trainer, biologist and extension agent to capacity building in fish production of the country. Presently he serves as Professor in the Department of Aquaculture, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet, Bangladesh. He is carrying out teaching, researches and also has performed the duties as chairman of the department, provost of a students’ dormitory, Proctor, chairman of the central purchasing committee and chairman of the central masque management committee. He is supervising MS students and PhD fellow to carry out researches for their thesis. As District Fishery Officer he played a key role for the over-all development of Fisheries sector in the district. During juvenile stage of career, Dr. Alam being Upazila Fisheries Officer got enormous experience of both extension (technology dissemination) and administrative (fish act implementation) simultaneously keeping coordination with other GO and NGOs from upazila to root level. During the service tenure he has also gained a substantial knowledge on beneficiary group formation, small scale project implementation, data collection, data analysis and report writing. About fifty of his research work published in international and national journals. He carried out some research projects as principal investigator funded by national and international organizations.