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Faculty Agriculture Agroforestry and Environmental Science Faculty Members Dr. Mohammad Samiul Ahsan Talucder

Dr. Mohammad Samiul Ahsan Talucder


B.Sc.Ag.(Hons.), M.S. in Agroforestry (BAU); Ph.D. in Agricultural & Forest Meteorology (Seoul National University, South Korea)


Dept. of Agroforestry and Environmental Science


Professor Dr. Mohammad Samiul Ahsan Talucder is specialized in climate-smart agriculture, agricultural geoinformatics, agricultural & forest meteorology, food security, poverty reduction, agroforestry, neglected & underutilized species, non-timber forest products, greenhouse gases which are inevitable for promoting United Nation's vision SDGs as well as Agriculture 4.0. He did his Ph.D. in agricultural & forest meteorology from Seoul National University, South Korea. He is pursuing climate-smart agriculture which aims for triple wins in production increase, reduction of greenhouse gas emission and resilience capacity building. In his PhD research, he has conducted an experiment on the exchange of water, carbon and energy in a rice ecosystem in South Korea. He trained in the theory and application of the state-of-the-art eddy covariance technique combined with laser technology. He also trained in agricultural GIS and Remote Sensing. It is essential for both developed and developing countries to successfully adapt to and manage climate change. He is a potential next-generation leader for fulfilling the challenge of sustainable ecological-societal systems through education and research in academia in Bangladesh. He has published at least fourty research articles in different national and international journals and attended at least twelve conferences at home and abroad. Recently, He has established the Climate-Smart Agriculture & Geo Spatial Lab. In addition GeoSpatial Lab, there are two field laboratories, one modern ‘Automated Agrometeorological Station’, Prototype Biochar Klin and several demonstration plots in the farmers’ field under his lab. Several MS students are pursuing in the area of climate-smart agriculture in this lab under his supervision. Meanwhile, twenty five MS students graduated under his supervision and fifteen MS students graduated under his co-supervision. One PhD student is working on "Prospects of Neglected and Underutilized Species (NUS) as a future resilient food in Sylhet region of Bangladesh" under his supervision from September, 2023. As Principal Investigator (PI), he has experience of handling several national and international funded research projects. He is maried to veterinary microbiologist Dr. Nahid Arjuman Banu and blessed with a son Ahnaf Ahsan and a daughter Arwa Ahsan.