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Faculty Agriculture Agricultural Extension Education Faculty Members Mr. Md. Kamruzzaman

Mr. Md. Kamruzzaman

Assistant Professor

B. Sc. Ag.(Hons.), MS in Agricultural Extension Education (BAU), Masters in Development and Rural Innovation (MDR), WUR, Netherlands, PhD (On-going) College of Science, Australian National University

(Study Leave)


Dept. of Agricultural Extension Education

Peer Reviewed Selected Articles

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Proceeding Papers

  • 1. Islam, M. A., Amin, M. R. and Kamruzzaman, M. 2015. Technological Gap in Cultivation of Boro Rice of the Haor Farmers. Proceedings of the annual workshop, volume-2 (July 13- June 14), Sylhet Agricultural University Research System (SAURES), Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet- 3100, Bangladesh.