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Department of Crop Botany and Tea Production Technology


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Faculty Agriculture Crop Botany and Tea Production Technology Faculty Members Dr. Md. Masudur Rahman

Dr. Md. Masudur Rahman


MSc in sustainable forest and nature management; PhD in Plant and Microbial Ecology


Dept. of Crop Botany and Tea Production Technology


Welcome, I preferred to be called as Masud. I am a graduate in Agriculture and did my master in Crop Botany. Later, I did an Erasmus master's in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management from Germany (University of Goettingen) and Denmark (Copenhagen University). I did my PhD in the Plant and Microbial Ecology Lab at the University of Liege, Belgium. My PhD work focused on the effects of climate change, especially effects of drought on the ecosystem functioning in young forests. I have assessed the combined effects of tree species admixture and drought on different above- and belowground processes in a young forest plantation. The general hypothesis was that ecosystem functioning would be more stable under drought in mixed stands due to improved soil nutrient availability and reduced risks of pests and pathogens. The results showed that mixed planting would perform better than monocultures in the future drier conditions. I take courses on Plant ecology at undergraduate and graduate levels. I am interested to work on the effect of tree species and slope on soil nutrient cycling and CO2 emission. MS students who have an interest in this field are welcome.